Four Wives

On the outside, Love Welsh, Marie Passeti, Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk seem to have it all – marriages to handsome, successful men, beautiful children and the kind of affluence most people dream of. But in the gilded suburb of Hunting Ridge, appearances mask a deeper truth. Behind the façade of contentment they struggle to maintain, each of these women must confront her own crisis. From infidelity and abuse to malaise and the haunting ghosts of a troubled past, their not-so-perfect lives are slowly exposed. And as springtime draws to a close, the women come face to face with the most difficult challenge of all – to reconcile their innermost desires with the path that each of them has chosen.

Social Lives

In the wake of financial meltdown, Wilshire Connecticut begins to unravel. Jacks Halstead, veteran housewife to a man about to be indicted, has nothing to fall back on to save her family. Her actions become calculated and desperate as she faces the unintended consequences of her financial dependency – and reels in billionaire Ernest Barlow. Barlow’s daughter, Caitlin, is lost at fourteen, engaging in dangerously promiscuous behavior while her mother, Rosalyn, uses cunning social manipulation to save her reputation and that of the Barlow family. ?Rosalyn has five children to raise in a complex and ruthless place and she is determined to see her daughter escape. Caught in the middle of the social maneuverings of Rosalyn and Jacks, newcomer Sara Livingston begins to put the pieces together, and the picture of her privileged life that emerges causes her to doubt her new marriage and the life her husband wants for them. But how can she undo what has been done? More than a novel about social scandal, Social Lives reveals what lies beneath the surface of the lives we covet, and the fates we forge.