Back to the Grind!

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 2:30 am under Uncategorized

My second novel, Social Lives, was released almost a year ago and I am horrified that I am just now starting the third! In my own defense, I edited two more Chicken Soup for the Soul collections and wrote a screenplay. But still. I’ve been doing something I never used to do – procrastinate. There is something about the summer that just slows me down. Moms out there, you know what I’m talking about. No matter how many camps get lined up, the days just seem to float by, taken over by packing and unpacking of canvas bags, spontaneous trips to the homes of friends with beach houses. Oh, and family reunions like the one I hosted this year for around 30 people (it got very hard to keep track thanks to my fabulously popular sister, Jennifer). Ok, yes, I did take a four day trip to Belize without the kids where I swam with sharks and downed Jagermeister like I was as young as my sister, which resulted in some very humiliating air guitar to Guns n’ Roses … the point is, the summer is a hard time to start anything when you’re a writer and a mom.

So – I am reaching out to the many writers out there who struggle to find time to work, or just to fill one blank screen with words, to keep me motivated. I am starting my novel tomorrow and I will be posting regular updates on my progress. My goal is to have 100 pages completed by the end of August. I welcome suggestions along the way. Feel free to bitch, gripe, or commiserate as well.

Here is the plan for tomorrow: Up at 7. Pack canvas bags for kids’ camp. Make breakfast. Drive to camp. Go to yoga (yes – this IS necessary). Grab coffee. Drive home. Work for 4 hours before camp is over.

Here is the goal for tomorrow: The new novel combines the suburban world that I love to write about with a brutal crime, a pharmaceutical company, a victim’s rights attorney and a political scandal. I started writing it in present tense, first person and I am now switching to past tense and alternating between first person for my main character and third for the others. I have 40 pages to convert and rearrange – writers out there I know you’ve been there. Changing every “is” to “was” and the like is beyond tedious (anyone have software for that?). I also need to restructure to accommodate some new plot angles.

Twitter fans, find me at  wendy_walker.

And now I have three sugared-up children to put to bed :)

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  1. Mary Ickerton 27 Jul 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Boy do I understand. My procrastination has lasted for years (gulp). But everything starts with a plan and a vision. Love the idea for the new script. It is so exciting, those first few chapters of a new book, new characters. That is my favorite part of writing. Creating characters! Summers are crazy. My babes just got home from 4 days with my folks where hubby and I had some much needed grown up time. Yes, I had plans to work on my writing. Did I do it??? Not one bit. In fact, I think I may been channeling your inner “air guitar” moves this past Saturday. How fun it is to be the silly one from time to time.
    I know you will do great. You motivation and putting what you love to do first is inspiring. Can’t wait to hear more about the new book. You have inspired me already to get moving myself. Good luck and enjoy your 4 hours of quiet time.


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