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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 1:55 pm under Uncategorized

The paperback is out today! Honestly, like everyone, my mind is on grocery shopping, cleaning the house for guests, making travel plans and keeping the kids occupied while they’re out of school. Hardly the best time to try to promote a book.

But here goes anyway!

Forget the cover, the title, and jacket description. There are plenty of light, scandalous books out there about privileged housewives. This isn’t one of them.

Set against the backdrop of a wealthy Connecticut suburb, Social Lives takes a serious look at the real issues defining the wives and daughters of Wall Street’s elite.

Jacqueline Halstead. For seventeen years, she has been a dedicated mother, and wife of a successful hedge fund manager. When his crimes threaten to bankrupt them, Jacks has nothing to fall back on to save her family. Her actions become both calculated and desperate, reflecting the powerlessness that her financial dependency has created.

Caitlin Barlow. At fourteen, she is already lost. Daughter of billionaire Ernest Barlow and his wife, social mastermind, Rosalyn, Caitlin’s lack of self-definition has left her vulnerable to a social circle in which “friends with benefits” has replaced dating. When she becomes intimate with an older boy, her emotional world spins dangerously out of control.

Rolsayn Barlow. As she skillfully manipulates her social environment to rescue her daughter’s reputation, Rosalyn is beginning to see the consequences of the life she’s chosen. With her marriage crumbling and five children to raise in a complex and sometimes ruthless place, her emotional state begins to align with that of her troubled daughter, exposing a self-fulfilling prophecy that has existed for generations.

Sara Livingston. New to town and younger than most of the housewives here, Sara is slowly putting the pieces together, and the picture that emerges scares her. Having left a career as a journalist behind for her husband, she now wonders if she can survive in this new world, and if her marriage will survive if she decides to leave.

As the stories of these four women intertwine in a (hopefully) suspenseful and intensely human drama, the questions about the role of women in our most privileged communities take shape, and leave readers with a deeper understanding of the world that is now on everyone’s mind.

This is a world I know very well and I felt passionate about exploring the social dynamics at play. I find them fascinating and thought provoking. I hope my readers do as well!

Happy reading and happy holidays!


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  1. Wendyon 04 Jan 2011 at 3:56 am

    Oh dear. Don’t finish it then. The book takes a look at the social culture and realities in these communities and is not meant to be a feel good girlfriend book. They may even take it back as a return wherever you bought it.

    All best,

  2. candaceon 23 Jun 2013 at 8:54 am

    this is by far the best book i have every read …..i read the entire 305 pages in one day …..thank you for this book

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