Four Wives, a novel

In Wendy Walker’s debut novel, the picture-perfect lives of four wives and mothers begin to unravel against the backdrop of outrageous suburban wealth.

On the outside, Love Welsh, Marie Passeti, Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk seem to have it all – marriages to handsome, successful men, beautiful children and the kind of affluence most people dream of. But in the gilded suburb of Hunting Ridge, appearances mask a deeper truth. Behind the façade of contentment they struggle to maintain, each of these women must confront her own crisis. From infidelity and abuse to malaise and the haunting ghosts of a troubled past, their not-so-perfect lives are slowly exposed. And as springtime draws to a close, the women come face to face with the most difficult challenge of all – to reconcile their innermost desires with the path that each of them has chosen.

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Her heart was pounding as she sat in the car. Before her was the house, a giant white colonial with black shutters, a quaint portico and the three-car garage set off to the side where she now found herself, wondering. What have I done?

She took a breath to stave off the panic that was beginning to seep inside her. She needed to be careful. She reached for the garage remote, then thought better of it. The chain runner would cut through the still night air like a buzz saw. She killed the headlights then the ignition. Her hand slipped inside the door latch, pulling it slowly until it clicked. She pushed open the door and swung her feet outside the car. She removed her shoes, her favorite strapped heels, and hung them on her fingers. She draped her purse around her shoulder, then, as softly as she’d opened it, closed the door with her hip. The soft silk of her skirt was deliciously sensuous as it brushed against her bare leg, testing her will to stay focused. To forget.

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Walker’s first novel is a treat. It’s well written and features great characters, lots of humor, and dead-on analysis of friendship, marriage, and motherhood.”
-Library Journal

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